Infinity Leagues (yes, plural!)

As I told in an earlier post, Infinity is a thing now at the gaming club. And I’m so glad about it. It’s a really fun game.

We’ve got enough players that we’ve started and Infinity league at the club. But not only that, a couple of stores around here have their own leagues too, and they’re both full of people!

I’ve joined one of them, I passed the other because you have to mark the front/rear arcs on the bases and I hate it. It looks bad to me. It’s like asking me to paint the guns pink if I want to play.

I understand why the rule, but I still don’t like it. If we’re going to treat the miniatures just as tokens or game pieces, I might as well print silhouettes with the troop pictures. I want to play with nice miniatures, and painting lines on the bases doesn’t look nice to me.

Anyway, rant over.

I joined a league and passed on another with my Japanese Sectorial Army. Yu Jing were the first Infinity minis I bought a long time ago (with an Orc Troop because I also liked that mini). You see that miniature at the back on the right side of the header image? Yes the one that’s painted like Iron Man. I based all my painting scheme around that mini I wanted to paint like Iron Man.

And now that I finally play Infinity, that mini is OOP and doesn’t have a unit profile any longer, so the only way I have to field it is as my HVT.

Not long after the game store leagues, my club decided to run our own league. And because it’s kind of an ITS standard, they included the rule about marking your arcs on the bases. Argh!

I almost didn’t join, but thinking about how not marking the bases would also leave me out of all the Infinity tournaments around here, I decide to build a new “tournament legal” army.

Enter my Tohaa.

Well, part of them at least. More about them on a later post.


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