Dark Angels Return

I return to painting my Dark Angels for the Bolter and Chainsword’s E Tenebrae Lux 4th edition. And I do it with what I was missing from my army, Ravenwing!

If you don’t know what ETL is, it’s a yearly event at the Bolter and Chainsword forum, where sub-forums compete between each other to see which faction can paint more points during the event. Go check it out!

My first ETL was the 2nd edition, and it was a fun event to take part in (even if I neglected to update the blog with my updates), and thanks to it I got the foundations of a solid starting Dark Angels army. Sadly, last year I was too busy to take part, but I didn’t want to miss it this time.

I’m not going to go crazy on the points I vow, in fact, my vow is the lowest one for the Dark Angels right now. I’ll be quite busy hobby wise this month, so I went with something I know I can do.

I’ll start with a 3 man squad of Ravenwing Knights. I went with the Knights because they were the most straightforward DA kit I had to build. There’s only a minor conversion involving the bike banners.


I wanted the sergeant to have two banners, as does the one from Dark Vengeance. But the kit only has 3 regular banners, plus one with Apothecary symbols. So I removed them and gave it to a regular biker and then it was only a little bit of cutting and greenstuffing for the sergeant’s bike.

To keep with the basing theme of my Dark Angels I bought some bike bases from Secret Weapon, but as there aren’t any of the mixed bases (tech bases featuring alien infestation), I did some quick molds from regular bases and incorporated those to the plain bike bases. It’s not the best work in the world, but as they’ll be mostly covered by the bikes, it’ll do.

Other than that, the bikes have some coats of a paint that it’s supposed to give a rough casting effect, but I’m not too sure if it works or if it’s is intended for bigger scale models. Anyway, it helps hide the connection of the two bike halves, so it’s fine.

And after that I’ve got plenty more Ravenwing bikes to paint, or I might go for my Belial conversion. We’ll see!

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!
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