First Quarter review

It seems the year only started yesterday when in fact we’re 4 months and 8 posts later. How are my New Year resolutions going?

Well, right of the bat I can tell that my first resolution is going to fail. I haven’t painted a single Imperial Fist (or Imperial Guard) and it doesn’t look like I’ll be painting them in the near future.

My second resolution, having 1000pts of Bolt Action Germans painted is well on track. In fact, is the only one from my four resolutions that I’ve spent time on.

Doesn’t look good, right? But things change, and you have to adapt to them. That’s why I’m going to change my resolutions to something less specific but better in the end.

Missing from my resolutions were any Infinity models, and that’s because it wasn’t a game that my club played. So I was less likely to spend time painting them when I had other models that would see table time also waiting to be painted. But just before my trip to Tokyo, Infinity caught on like wildfire at the gaming club.

That and that I was having a hard time returning to the Imperial Fist while I kept eyeing my Dark Angels made me change my plans.

In a couple of days starts the ETL at the Bolter and Chainsword. I missed it last time, but this year I want to help my Dark Angel brothers. With that I’ll have around 1500pts of Dark Angels painted. And that’s what I’ll use to play 40K.

My new plan is to keep working on painting an army for the 3 games I currently play. 1500 points of 40K, 1000 points of Bolt Action and 300 points of Infinity. And once I have those, I won’t field anything I haven’t painted.

I think it’s a great and achievable goal to be able to play with only painted miniatures. The exception being new games, but I’ll do my best to avoid it or minimize the time I use unpainted models.

Bolt Action Germans (III)
Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

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