Bolt Action Germans (III)

As you can see at the header image, I’ve got plenty of German miniatures to paint. And I need them for my remaining league matches!

To be fair, the header image is a couple of weeks old. During this post you’ll see my advances with some of it. And not all them need to be painted before I use them (even if they should).

I’m really enjoying playing Bolt Action. So much that instead of just adding points to my initial 650pts list to play the 850 and 1000 pts games, I created unique lists for my remainig matches with new units I want to test. Why keep things easy, right?

That meant I had a lot of work ahead of me, as the league ends the 20th of this month. And that I had to prioritize the order of painting the models, as there are some that need to be painted in subassemblies. So they ned to reach certain level of painting before I can field them.


As a first example, here’s the Puma which will stay unpainted for some time, besides a pioneer Hanomag that had some airbrush work done before gluing the tracks.


What I’m currently working at is part of two units of SS Cavalry. As for some of them I want to glue two models to a base, they must be painted before doing so. And as they also come with the dismounted mini, and I want their uniforms to match, these 8 troopers (made of 16 soldiers and 8 horses) are taking me forever.


The main culprit is the cammo. It takes a lot of time, specially when you try to match both the mounted and on foot model’s cammo pattern. I’m getting close to finishing it, but the fact that I have a deadline and that the progress seems too slow is giving me some anxiety.


I was also painting this light mortar team at the same time, but was able to almost finish it yesterday. Now is waiting for the cavalry so I can varnish it all in one go and then it only needs the base finished.

I did have time to play my third league match, just three more to go, and it went… really bad. I made some foolish decisions and also got really unlucky with my dice rolls. I got another FUBAR, luckily this time it wasn’t my sniper. But I’ve had a FUBAR on 3 out of 4 matches now (if it wasn’t in all of them).

But that says a lot about the game. Even if I had a crushing defeat it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play my next match!

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