Tokyo Raider

The last couple of weeks I’ve been on vacation in Tokyo, Japan, eating the delicious japanese curry. And while curry is awesome, we’d better talk about some models and tools I bought there.

Looking at the group picture, I realize that they’re all videogame related. Funny. And strangely enough, in all the times I’ve bought model kits in Tokyo, I’ve never bought a Gundam…


So, as you can see I’ve got a couple of tank models. One is from Valkyria Chronicles, which I love, and almost went batshit crazy when I saw the model kit. The other one is the Metal Slug from, well, Metal Slug. This one is a smaller scale and might work for 40k or Infinity. The tracks seem to have the same length of a Rhino. We’ll see once it’s built, but I wanted to build the kit anyway so being able to use it for wargames is just a nice bonus.

The last “big” purchase is a box of Metal Gear Solid miniatures. Which being one of my favourite videogame series I loved the idea of building and painting a Snake mini. And lastly there’s some weathering products, decals and plastic bits.

I’ll look into them with more detail in the coming weeks, so you can look forward to more in-depth posts. But first I have to build some Bolt Action minis I want to use on my remaining league matches!

Bolt Action Germans (II)
Bolt Action Germans (III)

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