Bolt Action Germans (II)

I’ve finished painting the first few of my Bolt Action Germans. I quite like them, but now I’m having trouble taking good pictures of them.

As seen in previous posts, I had my Germans airbrushed grey, which looked cool. But it turns out the German uniform field grey is more green than grey. So the first thing I had to do was paint their uniforms green.


But I like them better in grey. On my next batch I’ll try to make it a more faded green, and see how much closer to grey I can bring the uniforms while keeping the cohesion.

After painting them, I had some fun with the bases and adding some dirt to the minis. Specially with this set of miniatures, as most of them seen to like being close to the ground, that dirtied look I enjoy so much suits them really fine.


I’ve had time to play a couple more Bolt Action games, both from the league I’m in. They were both very close and exciting games.

Funny (and worrisome) how in 3 matches I’ve had 2 FUBAR results and both from my sniper! My elite shooter needs to learn to control his nerves. That being said, I don’t know how deadly enemy snipers can be as he has always managed to kill the enemy snipers before they could do anything.


What I do know how deadly can be are the stupid forward observers! My Panzer IV has fallen to them in every single match. On my latest match, it completely turned the tide of the battle, destroying my tank and an infantry unit with around a million hits, and also heavily pinning my Lieutenant and Hanomag.


I bought a cheapo lightbox to try and take some better photos of my miniatures, but while the 75mm leIG 18 looks OK, the group shots were too dark. I’ll have to play around with it some more (or maybe it’s that I’m asking too much for an iPhone 4 camera).


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  1. If you can control the exposure value on your camera tell it to over-expose by 1 or 2 stops. The camera is taking an average exposure and the white is throwing it off. Or use a neutral background instead of white.

    There’s a lot of debate about the actual colour of German uniforms. The consensus seems to be that different manufactures and environments would be different shades and weather differently.

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