Bolt Action First Game

Last week I had the chance to try Bolt Action for the first time. How did I like it? Was it as fun as it looks? Is the game worhty of all the praise it’s getting?

Yes, yes, yes! It was a really fun game! As I  expected, the dice activation mechanic is awesome! The rules are simple to learn and they lend themselves to many awesome moments during a game.

We played the first scenario, where my Germans had to infiltrate behind enemy lines. On our last turn, had the first activation dice been mine instead of British, I would have won. I lost, but it was a really close game.

I really liked how in no time you get used to the rules and you know what to expect from the enemy units, making your strategy a key factor of the game. As it should be in any good wargame.

A couple of key moments from the game where how the British forward observerd called for an attack on my Panzer IV and at the start of turn 2 it got a direct hit, scoring 17 hits and completelly destroying my poor tank! I’m told usually they’re not that deadly…

Later in the game, I moved my HQ close to my sniper team to help them on a Leadership roll and I got a double 1! My sniper ended shooting the poor HQ, luckly they missed.

I can’t wait to play my next game!

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