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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I backed Secret Weapon’s Tablescapes Kickstarter. And more than a year later than the estimated delivery date, I’m going to review it. A Kickstarter being late is no news, and Secret Weapon have been very open with the backers.

boxFunnily enough, what I’ll review isn’t even my pledge reward, as I wanted the mixed urban tiles and those have been hit with some extra delays. Backers had a special deal to buy more tiles before they went live and this is what I ordered (plus the Secret Weapon Pigments).


So, what do I think about them as a product? They’re amazing!

I’ve ordered the Deadzone Display board and the Scrapyard 16 Tile sets. And I wish I had pledged for more sets.

connectorsThe plastic tiles are connected with these connectors (d’oh!). The big ones are used to connect 4 tiles, while the half-connectors are for the edges. They’re easy to attach and remove from the tiles.

deadzoneBoardThe Deadzone display board contains 4 copies of the same tile with a damaged sci-fi urban look. It also has some extra plastic pieces to frame it.

The display set comes with a single connector for the 4 pieces, and the frame has half-connector shapes to hold it all together. The dowside to this is that if you want to connect 2 display boards together you’ll only have two connectors and it won’t be enough.

deadzoneDetailBut the star of the show is the Scrapyard set. I love it!

detailsLook at all that detail!! Most of the tiles are not that crowded, so you can put your own scenery on them. But there’s this one with a hill of scrap and another one with something that looks like an improvised fortress.

details2While the set is designed for sci-fi, it could also work for WW2. Now to find some time to paint them, but I’m really happy with this awesome purchase!

The lazy wargamer’s dream. Beautiful miniatures fight over gorgeous terrain, all in glorious plastic grey.


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  1. Hey man, just followed your comment back to your blog and thought I’d check it out. Figured I’d start with 2015 and just read.

    Sad to see you don’t have navigation buttons on your posts. I’d like to read a post and just hit the “next” button.

    Now I have to back out and find the next post. Since there’s no date stamp in the post this is a little difficult.

    Otherwise what little I’ve read of your blog looks good.

    1. Post

      Thanks for reading the blog, Tyler!

      You’re right about the navigation buttons within the posts. It’s something I like to use when I discover a new blog with interesting content, but didn’t realize mine was missing. That’s why I’ve just added them.

      Thanks for the input and glad you liked the blog!

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