New Year Resolutions (2015)

As it’s the thing to do around this time (maybe I’m a little late), I’ve got a few hobby related New Year Resolutions.

First of all, paint what I’ve got! I know I’m not alone in this, but the piles of unpainted minis keep growing. Plus, at some point the minis from multiple Kickstarters will arrive… a day I fear. I should try and buy less, but I know it’ll be difficult.

I know I’ll be buying things like those boxsets from GWs 40K campaings. Specially if the rumours are to be believed, and the next one has Dark Angels on it! Or that Imperial Fists character from Forgeworld recently leaked!


Before I started painting my Imperial Fists, I was about to start an Astra Militarum army with some minis I have. As I still want to paint them, I’ll use them as allies for the Imperial Fists. It’s a little bit cheating, but it’ll help me paint minis I already have and should help reenergize my Imperial Fists painting.

Besides, I think it’s really fluffy having Space Marines and Imperial Guard fighting together, in a desperate last stand to protect a planet.

That’s my first project: to have a fully painted 1500 points Imperial Fists with Astra Militarum army by year’s end.

I also have my Bolt Action Germans, which is what I’ve been painting lately. And I’m really enjoying it. I’ll try to build ASAP a 650pt list, as that’s what I need for the first couple of league matches and slowly paint them. But the league grows up to 1000pts.

That’s my second project: to have a fully painted 1000 points German army by year’s end.

My third project was going to be a Warhammer Fantasy army, but with all the recent rumours about next edition being more of a skirmish game, swithcing to round bases, etc… I don’t feel like wasting time on it. Even if Fantasy is the most played game at my club and, my first love being Hero Quest, I’m more of a fantasy than sci-fi fan.

So I think I’ll switch to Saga. Another game I want to try, and with a low model count. I’ll be working on my personal take on a Viking warband, and I hope that will scratch my medieval/fantasy itch.

That’s my third project: to have a fully painted 4 points Viking warband by year’s end.

And then there’s my last project, which I’ve been wanting to start for some time now and didn’t because I wanted to finish the Imperial Fists first. In 2015 I want to go Back to the Void.

That’s my fourth project: to have between 1 and 3 500 points starter armies by year’s end.

Seeing my track record I might be a little too ambitious with these. But my hope is that between those 4 things I’ll always have something I want to paint and even if I get bored with one project and switch to another, progress will always be made while I’m having fun. And that’s the most important thing for a hobby!

And while I’ll have other things to paint besides these, there’s my Infinity minis for example, I hope to spend most of my time with those main projects and soonish I’ll be playing with painted armies. I’m pretty sure the main reason my Imperial Fists keep losing is because their paintjobs aren’t finished!

As for the blog, I’d like to have at least 1 or 2 posts every month. If I keep blogging it means I keep painting. And I’d like to improve at least a little my photos.

Let’s see how it turns out and (belated) Happy New Year everyone!

Secret Weapon Tablescapes
Bolt Action First Game

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