Operation: Icestorm (I)

I’ve been working on my Operation: Icestorm miniatures. Mainly on the Grenzers sniper, as it was the only mini I wasn’t painting fully built. Looking at that model, the mask was screaming to be painted as a skull, kind of like the Army of Two masks. And the best way to paint it was without the sniper rifle on the way.

I was a little scared to do it, as the Infinity minis are a little fidly to put together. The Alguaciles specially gave me some trouble. And I didn’t want to screw the paintjob trying to glue the pieces. Now that I think about it, it was mainly with the Nomads, the Panocenia miniatures were easier to build. Luckily, the Grenzers wasn’t as troublesome.


If you look at the Orc troop, you’ll notice is an older female model. I bought it a long time ago and had it built, but unpainted. So I’ll be using it and I’ll build and paint the one from the starter set with the reinforcements I’m likely to buy.

Most of the models are early WIPs with just the main color. The Mobile Brigada has the red parts done, as I was painting it with the Grenzers. And then I’ve been working on the flesh areas, so I can work on the red/blue parts of all the minis together.

But now I’ve got the two starter armies battle ready. The plan is to play the Operation: Icesotrm missions this month before the N3 book comes out.

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