Hive Fleet Sulaco — First Contact

It’s been a crazy week, not much hobby time (or free time for that matter). Yesterday, once it all ended I went to bed and I’ve slept around 13 hours. So this update is about stuff I did last weekend.

With all the talk about the Space Marines switching base sizes, I didn’t know if it was worth it to work on my Imperial Fists. I’m in doubt if I want to rebase them or not. I think they look better with the bigger bases, and I haven’t painted so many Tacticals yet, so the change is doable. I know I won’t be doing that with my Dark Angels, as they’re on nice Secret Weapon resin bases and I still have quite a few of them unused!

But, as I wanted to do something 40k I decided to paint some Tyranids with an Aliens xenomorph color scheme. Why?

Maybe I was thinking that by this time I’d be painting my Aliens Versus Predator miniatures. But as that Kickstarter is taking longer than expected, it seems that won’t be the case.

Maybe it’s because of Shield of Baal: Deathstorm. Or from watching Matt from MiniWargaming play them. Or a mix of all of them. But I do want to try the Tyranids, and painting them a la xenomorph seems like a cool and fast project.

Anyway, I had some Battle for Macragge Tyranids and the 2nd Edition Space Hulk Genestealers and I’m using them to do some tests.

I’m calling them the Hive Fleet Sulaco. I know, not very original and it’s been done before a million times. But as a huge Aliens fan that was the only way I was going to do Tyranids and I don’t care about being original. I just want to have a black swarm of death.


I’ve also done a little xenomorph slime test on one of my painted Deathwing terminators. I think the effect looks cool. But what shocked my most was going back to a miniature painted a little more than a year ago and seeing how bad it looks. And I was quite happy with it at the time!

I’ve also begun working on the Infinity: Operation Icestorm minis (plus Batman and some Avatars of War minis– more about them someday soonish). I usually prime gray, but this time I primed them black and then highlighted to try some pre-shaded basecoating and see how it works.


Playing with unfinished Imperial Fists
Operation: Icestorm (I)

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