Bolt Action Germans (I)

A couple of weeks ago I started with (yet) another project: my Bolt Action Germans. As if I hadn’t enough projects going at once…

But Bolt Action was a high priority on my list of games I’d like to play (the dice activation mechanic sound amazing!), and as my Club is going to start the league on January, I decided to give it a go.

But why Germans?

I know the Panzer tracks are the wrong way, but they're not glued yet.

I know the Panzer tracks are the wrong way, but they’re not glued yet.

As USA and Germany are the ones on all the Starter Sets, the choice was between those two.

My first choice was USA, specifically I’d like to do the 442nd, but I found the plastic Americans too overwhelming. Too many options, not enough info on the box. So I went with the Germans mainly because the plastic kit felt more limited (which was good in this case) and the grey uniforms looked faster to paint.

I still need to work on my Army Lists, so I started with a couple of basic squads: NCO with SMG, dude with LMG and 3 riflemen. To differentiate the NCO from the rest of the squad I used the head with the cap and they don’t have a backpack (some poor soldier carries the NCOs stuff). And I also made it so in one squad the NCO is kneeling and the LMG standing and in the other squad the poses are switched.

I’m really happy with how they’re looking for the little time I’ve spent on them. Anyway, as with the other projects the plan is to have them “battle ready” before the deadline and continue painting them after that.

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