Playing with unfinished Imperial Fists

Haven’t done much with my Imperial Fists, but I’ve been working on some things. I’ve joined a wargaming club and I’ve played, and lost, a couple of matches.

I’m pretty sure the main reason I lost was because I’m fielding unpainted things! How can one hope to win when his army is lead by Lysander the armless?

My first match was against Dark Eldars and I got completelly owned. I also was quite lost. Second match against Necros it was closer. It was the mission were you generate every turn as many Tactical Objectives as objectives you hold.

I started playing aggressively capturng objectives and was on the lead for most of the game. Lost by a couple of VPs on turn 5 with Lysander and the Necron Warlord in a challenge. If the game had continued until turn 6 and if Lysander had been able to slay the warlord… I had many objectives that would have given me points in that case.

Thins I’ve learned? My super-terminator squad with Lysander is cool, but it’s a lot of points to risk deep striking. Against the Dark Eldars they went first and for turn 2 I was badly hurt. I failed the reserve roll. As it was my first game the DE player allowed me to play as if I had made the roll, otherwise it’d been game over. Against Necrons I made the roll but got misshaps. And once again the Necron player was nice and didn’t deploy my TH/SS termies somewhere far from the fight.
Also, I need anti-air. And my Ironcald Dread on Drop Pod is cool but dies too fast.

But the Drop Pod was fun. I’d like to play a list with more Drop Pods (although I don’t think that works well with the theme I’m going with my Imperial Fists…).

What I’m not liking is building the Drop Pod. I can get maybe an hour or so of hobby time on weekdays, and just the thought of cleaning mold lines from the Drop Pod makes me want to do some other thing… that’s the main reason I’m stuck with my Imperial Fists.

Today I’ve got a match against Chaos Daemons and I’ll change things on my list. Let’s see how it turns out!

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