Warhammer Island of Blood & Tomb Kings Army Book

Even if I have more than enough stuff to paint, I went ahead and bought the Warhammer: The Island of Blood starter set. It was a nice deal.

Being a fan of Dwarves and Conan, I’ve always hated elves and magic (except for Gandalf, of course). But I wanted to try a paint scheme on some elves and instead of buying a regular box of elves I went for the starter set. Not only does it have a lot of nice elves (as nice as elves can be, that’s it) it also come with a lot of Skavens. And Skavens will be cool to paint with dirty weathering techniques. Plus it comes with the rules, so it was a deal too sweet to pass.

With all the End Times stuff we might get a new starter set soon. Which is great. It’s not like I’m thinking about starting High Elves and Skaven armies, same with wathever might come in the new starter. They’ll be some cool minis to paint whenever I feel like painting them.

I also got the Tomb Kings Army Book. Because that’s what I want to paint more right now. The guy at the shop couldn’t avoid a little “yes!” when I asked for Tomb Kings. That’s what he plays. And it seems not many people do. He was really friendly and offered to run an introductory game, and told me about the group that usually plays at the store… but I’m not sure if it was because of the starter set or the Tomb Kings book. I’d say it was the Tomb Kings. 😛

Magnet Madness
First Warhammer Minis Painted

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