First Warhammer Minis Painted

I’ve finished painting my first two Warhammer miniatures, a High Elf from the Island Of Blood and a Skeleton from my Tomb Kings Army Box.


With the High Elf I wanted to try a paint scheme inspired on the elves from the Lord of the Rings, instead of the official white/silver look. I’m happy with it, even if it’s more bronze looking than I wanted. I should have gone for an old gold look.

I painted the scales with a bluish metal, to give the elves a more mystical look. And also because they’re Sea Guard so they’d want to look like sardines. Overall, I enjoyed painting it so I might paint more elves in the near future. Maybe I’ll paint one of each unit to see how they’d look.

For my Tomb Kings, at first I was going to use the standard turqoise for the army color. But I wanted to make them look old, with aged bronze weapons. And as I was going to do some verdigiris on the bronze, plus the characters and high ranks were going to have lapislazuli accents, it was too much blue/green mixed together. So I went for a dark red as my army color instead.

I wanted to take separate photos of each mini, but the Skeleton photos looked like crap. I’ll try to improve how I take photos, because right now it feels too random.

Warhammer Island of Blood & Tomb Kings Army Book
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