Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (V)

After the short break to paint a couple of Warhammer minis, I’ve got my energy back to continue on the Imperial Fists. I’ve left the Rhinos and Drop Pod aside and I’ve been working on the last 5 minis I need: the 4 Sergeants and Lysander. Which I have with the yellow almost finished.


I went ahead and converted Lysander to wear a helmet. Now my doubt is if I’ll keep the original arms or continue with the conversion so that it has a bigger Storm Shield like the rest of the Terminators have.

The Sergeants are ultra-magnetized to allow for multiple weapon options. But not only that, even the helmets are magnetized so I can switch between regular and veteran sergeant. Have I gone too far? Maybe, but it was fun doing it now that I wanted to do (which is the same reason I didn’t want to touch them when I felt I needed to do them).

After they’re done, it’s only the 3 Rhinos and the Drop Pod and I’ll have 1500 points of Imperial Fists battle ready.

First Warhammer Minis Painted
Hero Holder Set & Mayhem Trackers

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