Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (IV)

All is going according to plan. I went to the store to check if I had missed some email. I haven’t, they’re just being late with the league. I like that, more time to paint.

I’ve got my Heavy Bolters done and I’m working on the 4 Lascannons, which I’ll finish today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow). And then to work on the Rhinos over the weekend.

That leaves me Lysander and the 4 Sergeants, which I’ll try to do as late as possible hoping to get the magnets on time. And the Drop Pod dilema: if I don’t include it, my army will be ready sooner, but I feel that without it my Ironclad will be useless. We’ll see. I know it’s more time, but right now I want to build the Drop Pod and convert Lysander.

Looking at the photo, it seems that the Imperial Fists upgrade helmets are slightly bigger. And without the shoulder pads they look funnily big.

Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (III)
And now for a little change...

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