Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (II)

As it was bound to happen, everything that could go wrong went wrong. I had a little accident and cut my finger. Nothing major, but it could have been worse.

That means I’ve lost a week and a few days.

The bright side is that that gave enough time for all my bits to arrive. Forgeworld was surprisingly fast. Funnily enough, the first bits I ordered where also the last to arrive (from Puppets War, if you were wondering). And special thanks to Anvil Industry for their awesome customer support.

So I couldn’t progress much, but I was able to do a little.


As it was clear that I wasn’t going to make it in time (my first match could be any day this month), I’ve had to put into motion Plans B&C.

The League rules state that we have to play every single battle using the same list, and I don’t want to cut corners on the quality of the finished models, I’m going to do work up to what I consider ready to field until I have everything ready.

Ie. I’ve magnetized my Terminators to swap arms with different weapon configurations. So I won’t even paint the arms. I’m painting the bodies, but leaveing the details I can skip and only weathering what I need of the lower part before glueing them to the base. Same with the Dreadnought. Other minis, if I’m not magnetizing them, even if I paint them on subasemblies¬† I won’t be able to cheat.

As this can get a little crazy, I’ve got a list of the different types of models I need to build (3 Rhinos, 27x Marines with Bolter, 3x Marines with Flamers, 4x Marines with Lascannons,…) to help me keep track of how close I am to not failing.

Once I’ve got everything ready, I’ll go back and continue working on them until everything is properly painted. Let’s hope I can advance this weekend, because I got something this week that could compete for my hobby time.

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