And now for a little change…

As the 40K league hasn’t started yet and we still don’t know when it will, I’m taking a little break from the Imperial Fists. This is a hobby after all, not a second job. I did work on them this weekend, but that didn’t produce anything worth showing.

Instead of painting, I’ve been looking through my old miniatures. I had an old Tomb Kings army box with a unit of Skeletons built and nothing more. I had to hunt down some of the sprues and bits, but it seems like I’ve got everything. I’m goint to paint them slowly, starting with the unit I had built.

It seems that back in the day I was quite fond of miniatures with mold lines or something… I’ve done some cleaning of the assembled minis as best as I could and did some basic painting, but nothing worth showing yet.

What you can see next to my Tomb Kings army box is my brothers Dwarven army box, also in need of painting. When my brother saw me buy the Dark Vengeance box set, it seems that he also tried to restart the hobby and bought some dwarven stuff from eBay. He did paint a few minis, but it didn’t last long. I’ll talk more in depth about the dwarves in another post.

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