Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (I)

When I started this blog, I talked about how I wanted to paint 40k Space Marines, but had no intention to play. And when I came back once again this summer, I did paint and play some non-GW minis. But as everything comes round, I’m painting Space Marines once again.


I was about to start another 40k related project, but I had the chance to join a league and I jumped on it.

Here comes the fun part.

The league starts next month. I want to play Imperial Fists. I don’t have Imperial Fists. And I want to use Forge World minis and third party bits.

I’ve got two weeks, plus whatever time I can get next month until it’s my turn to have a battle ready 1500pts. army. And this blog is proof of what a fast painter I’m not.

I’ll try to schedule my game as close as possible to the end of next month to give me some more time to build and paint, but who knows what’ll happen. While there’s no need to have it all painted, there’s also no proxying allowed. So my plan is to build and paint everything but Space Marines with bolters first, and for those use the Dark Vengeance snap fit ones plus the ones I’ve got painted as Dark Angels.

And I’m hoping that with that I’ll have enough to field my list ready, as we have to play every match with the same list. If for whatever reason I don’t have enough, I’ll try to be sneaky and put what I don’t have in resrve and never try to bring it to the table. And if I can’t do that, I’ll just have to concede my first match.


But I’d like to play, as it’ll be the first time I play since second edition. And that way I’ll be able to get a little used to the rules at least.

As you can see on this post, there’s a couple of pictures of the test models I’ve painted this weekend. Imperial Fists look better when they seem to be in the middle of a very long campaing. So I’m going for a dirty, battle damaged look with old armour Marks mostly, and muddy bases. I’m quite happy with the results.

A little update
Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (II)

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