Let’s play Deadzone!

Today I’m playing Deadzone. That’s the second project I’ve been working at getting finished. It’s ready in all it’s ugly plastic glory, but at least it’s playable.


Deadzone interested me because it looked like a boardgame and Necromunda hybrid. And after seeing some of the Deadzone videos at Beasts of War I was sold. The rules for missions, deployment, etc. looked quite creative. And today I’ll see how it plays. Let’s hope it’s as fun as it looks!

What wasn’t fun at all was putting the Enforcer minis together. Specially the ones made for the game. If you compare them to the regular Enforcers that came in the box, they seem to have softer details. They feel really cheap. And it seems they take forever to clean up. This was my first experience with restic, and I’m not very pleassed.

The Plage models where better for the most part. Not the dogs, they where full of mold lines. Oh, and one mini was missing it’s head. I’ve contacted Mantic about the missing head, let’s see how it goes.

And then you have the hard plastic scenery. That’s awesome, really cool. Once built I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be enough cover, so I’ve also bought the Urban Distric Battlezone and with that you’ve got more than enough I believe. What you see on the photo is all the scenery from the Deadzone Starter Box, plus most (but not all) of the Urban District. And some extras from Gorkamorka, I think.

And it all fits nicely on the box like this:


If there’s something good about having everything unpainted is that you don’t have to be as careful when moving it. Just trying to be positive. Ok, I’m off to play some Deadzone! I’ll let you know how it went soon(ish).

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