Get ready for Super Dungeon Explore!

Like last summer, in August some friends will come on vacation. Last summer we played a lot of Zombiecide. At first, we were going to play just one day, but we had so much fun that we ended up playing every single day we could, and we had a lot of fun.

I hope we’ll play some more board games this time too. And as you might have guessed by the title of this post, I’d like to try Super Dungeon Explore.


Super Dungeon Explore, with the cute chibi style got my attention when it came out. So much, that with some store credit I had I even bought a second copy to have more miniatures. But with so many miniatures to clean, build and paint I was never going to finish them… Until now.

This last weeks I’ve been cleaning and building the minis. We’ll most likely be 6 people playing, so I’ve pre-selected the 5 heroes most likely to be picked and enough baddies for 5 spawning points, plust 2 mini-bosses and a boss. I’ll try to have them ready for when my friends arrive next week, and if I have enough time I’ll try to buld more heroes to have more options. Once I have all the heroes ready (yeah, sure) I’ll try to have as many baddies as possible ready.


I’ve even painted some of them. I’ve painted all of the Iron Scales, even though I’ll only use half of them. Oh, well.

Let’s hope we have fun playing Super Dungeon Explore. And if not, there’s always Zombiecide.

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