Dungeon Saga

So Dungeon Saga got funded in 4 minutes.

Guess I wasn’t the only one waiting for the Kickstarter to go live. I was an early bird, by the way. Was really interested in the game, as I’m a huge fan of Dungeon Crawlers. Which as you’ll see in a post or two, is related to my summer project.


HeroQuest was my first miniature game and also one of my first experiences with the fantasy genre, and it was awesome. I mean, it was a game where you could play as Conan and his three friends! So board games with miniatures, and specially dungeon crawlers always get my attention. And lose it really fast if the minis are not cool (sorry!).

So anyway, Dungeon Saga. They’ve been hyping it on their blog, on Beasts of War,… and it looked awesome. Most of Mantic’s Kickstarters have grabbed my attention, but for one reason or another I’ve skipped them. This is my first Mantic Kickstarter, and I think it’s really cool that it’s with a dungeon crawler “just like” HeroQuest (nice homage with the skeleton with a scythe, btw).

That being said, I think Mantic are cheating a little. Instead of having stretch goals adding more and more miniatures to the game, it feels like they knew what was going to happen and what we’re doing with the strecth goals is “restore” the product to their initial vision. As the base game had very little miniatures.

But I’m sure that at the end of the Kickstarter we’ll end up with a really nice collection of minis for our pledge.

That mage needs a cape or it just feels weird.

And undead dwarves, baby! About time! How cool is that? Because if you’re going to explore a dwarven dungeon filled with undead, they should totally be dwarven undeads!


Back once again
Get ready for Super Dungeon Explore!

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