Tactical Squads… not finished yet

It’s been a long time, and I’m still painting the two Tactical Squads. I don’t have much time to paint, and when I paint I like to take my time. I’m a slow painter, and I’m OK with that (kinda). I mean, I’d like to finish them to start painting more minis, but I’m not going to rush them. No need for that.

Squad Raphael A

These are Squad Raphael & Squad Baldassare as they are right now. I started this blog as a way of giving me extra motivation to paint my Dark Angels, so I’ll try to update it more frequently and see if that helps. While my original plan was to buy more models only once I had painted what I got, I haven’t followed the plan— at all. So I’ve got a few places to review for the next post.

Squad Raphael BSquad Baldassare ASquad Baldassare B

Beyond the Gates of Antares
Back once again

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