Dark Angels Assemble!

Here are my Dark Angels out of the box, with cleaning done to the Tactical Squad. As they’re snap-fit and really easy to build, you’ve got them “ready” in no time. There’s still work to be done on them, but having the rest of the models built while you’re working on them keeps you motivated.

Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus is missing from the family photo as it’s not built yet (I’m not using glue yet, and he isn’t snap-fit like the others).

I’m waiting on a plastic Space Marine Tactical Squad kit and some bits, I’ll mix them with the squad from the Dark Vengeance box to avoid having duplicate models on the same squad. Might do the same with the Terminators, but first I have to build and paint the two Tactical Squads.

I’ll continue cleaning the rest of the models while I wait for the second squad, but I don’t want to glue anything until it’s ready to be primed as I might do some conversions. I’m not 100% sure about the looks of the Company Master (I might end up building a custom Company Master using the helmet, which I love).

And here we go!
Still here

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